Bakery (store)

Bakery store

Location Shopville
Type Store
Employees Unknown
First Appearance Shopkins Cartoon Opening
 The Bakery is a store in Shopville. It is only seen in the opening of the Shopkins Cartoon.



The bakery has orange walls with light-blue borders and is cubular in shape. The building has an oval, neon sign which says 'Bakery'; it is also orange in color and has a thin light-blue border. Above the sign are three, large, fake food items; them being a cupcake, a donut and one that is unidentifiable. Below the sign is a parasol that is colored with vertical blue and green stripes.


  • In the opening of the Shopkins Cartoon it is situated to the right of the Small Mart but it is not there in the Shopkins Cartoon episodes.

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