Christmas Sing Along

Christmas Sing Along

Episode 09
Upload Date December 17, 2014
Written By Tahlia Gee, Pauline Matthewman, Adam Woods
Animation Studio Flux Animation Brisbane
Animators Stefan Warran, Paul Gillet
Music & SFX Ack Kinmonth
Voice Artist Kate Murphy
Christmas Sing Along is the ninth episode of the Shopkins Cartoon.

Synopsis Edit

Get into the Christmas spirit and sing along with the Shopkins team! Can you match Lippy's high notes? And look out for the newest member of the Shopkins team!



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 9, "Christmas Sing Along"01:29

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 9, "Christmas Sing Along"


  • The song is based on 'Deck The Halls', a famous Christmas carol.
  • This episode features all the Shopkins main cast prior to the episode.
    • Chee Zee and Cupcake Queen, who have both featured in episodes, have had very little screen time and are not considered a part of the main cast.
  • This is the first event-special episode, the second one being "Lovers Day" and the third one being "The Big Cheeky Hunt".
  • This is the first episode to feature a song.

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