Dum Mee Mee

Dum Mee Mee

Season Season 2
Team Baby
Rarity Special Edition
Variants Unknown
Finish Unknown
BFF Sippy Sips
Dum Mee Mee is a special edition Shopkin in the Baby team.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Personality Edit

  • Peacekeeper.
  • Born to shop.
  • Really Shy but cute


  • Rocking out with babies.

Found InEdit


  • Her name's a pun on "dummy," the British/Australian term for a pacifier.
  • Although Lippy Lips said Dum Mee Mee has yet to walk in "Shopkins of the Wild", prior to that Dum Mee Mee had already walked in "Pop Goes the Babysitter".
  • She is logically smaller than the other Shopkins since she is a baby.



Figure ArtworkEdit


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