Fi Fi Flour

Fifi Flour

Season Season 2
Team Pantry
Rarity Rare
Variants Green (#2-069)
Pink (#2-078)
Finish Classic
BFF Fasta Pasta

Fi Fi Flour is a rare Pantry Shopkin from Season 2.

Bio Edit

Favorite Hobby Edit

Creating half baked inventions

Your friends would describe you as... Edit

A little bit messy to be around but I'll help anybody in a sticky situation!

Your Shopkins BFF: Edit

Fasta Pasta and Olivia Oil

Where do you hang out? Edit



Fi Fi Flour appears to be a bright green bag of flour, and on the green bag the word "flour" can be seen. Flour can also be seen pouring down her face. In Fi Fi Flour's right hand there is a rolling pin with a bit of flour on it too.

Found InEdit



Figure ArtworkEdit



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