i think that shopkins are awesome but they did not give us that much time to get seson 3 and sesaon 4 is awesome but i hope they give us lots of time to collet them i love them they have got a lot better form seson one and seson 4 they are awesom

Shopkins Wiki


Season 1
Team liminted edishon
Rarity Unknown
Variants Unknown
Finish Unknown
BFF appleblosem

ISO! Limited Edition SPK! Edit

Shopkins are awesome! If anyone has gotten a Limited Edition yet, congratulations! I've spent over 2,000 dollars on Shopkins for my daughter, but we still haven't found any Limited Editions :( If anyone has one for sale for 50 dollars or less, I will buy! Immediately! Thank you and God Bless :) <3 23:57, March 11, 2016 (UTC)LPS_SPK_MLP_COLLECTOR


I just LOVE shopkins! you guys do too right! let me know! ok.

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